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FullFat 06

Dieter Ilg


„……Dieter Ilg ….the esteemed head of the trio featuring Wolfgang Muthspiel and Steve Argüelles that after many concerts and two CDs has been able to develop it´s own cool and special sound, interprets Folksongs from around the world in a respectful, sometimes deep, often surprising but always dignified and affectionate fashion. Folkoristic fieldwork on a very high level.“ JAZZTHING 11 / 99 – 1 / 00

„…it sounds so organic as if this music had been composed for a jazz trio to from the start.“ STEREOPLAY 2 / 99

„While others are fighting over the musical heritage of Gershwin and consorts and the record companies are paying big sums in support of this war, Dieter Ilg, Wolfgang Muthspiel and Steve Arguelles have accomplished something no less extraordinary. They deserve great praise for the accomplishment of being able to improvise so beautifully over songs like „Guten Abend, Gute Nacht“ and „Schlaf Kindlein, Schlaf“. 400 years of German, Scottish and Dutch folkmusic have been rearranged for today and have been made playable as Jazz for all times. The fact is that Ilg´s „Feldarbeit“ is a cheerful meeting of three great Jazz talents.“ KULTIMATIV 1 / 99

„Most of the renditions have the valuable and rare quality of sneaking into your brain through the auditory canal only to stick in the mind with all ist little miniature instrumentals. From this music we learn that there actually is such a thing as a catchy tune an earwig with artistic content.“ JAZZTHETIK / DEZ 98 – JAN 99